Junior Starts Program to Help Students’ Mental Health Status

by Rob Brown

Staff Writer

Originally published Nov. 15, 2018

Haley Gibson is a junior at Mount Mercy University, majoring in religious and international studies with a minor in Spanish. Gibson is a 20-year-oldIowa native, from Sioux City, Iowa. Earlier this semester she brought thesupport group, Humans 4 Humans, to Mount Mercy University.

“I started this program because I thought it would bea good resource for students to go to, often times when you’re on campus, you don’t always have a good friend or someone you feel like you can confide in,”said Gibson.

This program gives students the chance to talk with a peer, who has been trained and certified to help you. This in turn can help people establish a buddy system so if someone is stressed, depressed or homesick, they have a place to come without any questions asked.

“Whatever anyone needs, they can call me, email me or come find me and I will go to their suite or dorm and I will help them by giving them the encouragement they need, even if they just need support to get to class, I’m there for you,” said Gibson.

This buddy system has already helped many across campus, since it was formed earlier in the semester.

“It has definitely brought people closer to me and Ihave been able to connect with them on a higher level and even if it’s an issue I cannot deal with myself, I am a resource for those students to go somewhere else,” said Gibson.

“My inspiration to start this program was from my sophomore year, I stopped playing sports and I was seeking something to fulfill my purpose and I discovered that year, my purpose was helping others, I found it really enjoying and it fills my heart with joy, seeing the change I can make in others’ lives,” said Gibson. “What I hope ends up happening is that people who we offer help to, want to help others and join our organization and share their knowledge and understanding of mental health through their experiences.”

To be part of Humans 4 Humans, you do not need to have any prior certifications or training, all training will be done in house and everyone is invited to join. They also accept students from the master’s program here on campus that need to fulfill volunteer hours for their program.


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