Witch Hunt! ‘Lyin Mike’ shows Muller is finding them

by Logan Schroeder

Opinion Editor

Opinion, originally published Dec. 6, 2018

On Thursday Nov. 29, 2018 Michael Cohen, the ex-lawyer of President Donald Trump, plead guilty to submitting false statements to congress in regard to a planned Trump deal in Moscow. Cohen will now be giving additional testimony in regards to the Russia investigation.

President Trump referred to Cohen as “very weak and not a very smart person,” when questioned by reports about this event. The President is now calling his ex-personal lawyer and fixer from 2006 to May of 2018 these negative names, like this is a school yard misunderstanding.

I was under the impression that the President only hired the best and smartestpeople. I’m actually a little disappointed he didn’t call Cohen ‘lyin Mike’ or something equally as childish. In the court filing that lead to this taking place, President Trump is now being referred to as ‘Individual 1.’

To complicate matters further, on Nov. 26, prior to this revelation, the special counsel lead by Robert Muller submitted a court filing that former Trump campaign chief Paul Manafort was in breach of peal deal that he had reached with the special counsel.

Manafort was supposed to be supplying the special counsel with information regarding illegal activity related to the Russia investigation that has been ongoing. Inthe court filing, the special counsel states that Manafort has been giving false information in regards to his plea deal.

He is now set to be sentenced on March 5. The President, in contrast to Cohen, referred to Manafort as, “a very good person.”

So the man that admitted to lying is “weak,” and the one who’s been caught in a lie is a “very good person,” according to our President. Something about that doesn’t sit right with me. Both people are criminals but the one that admitted to his crimes is the bad guy here.

In the aftermath of these recent revelations, the President posted an internet meme with both Bill and Hillary Clinton, former President Barack Obama and Rod Rosenstein among others behind bars.

I’m extremely confused about why any of these people would end up going to jail because as far as I’m aware none of them are being investigated for committing conspiracy (the crime that Manafort had plead guilty to).

There is a counter-narrative that this has been a fruitless “witch hunt” and wasting tax payer money where no one has plead guilty and no dominoes have fallen over. I’m of the belief that if you’ve committed crimes that can hurt America, you should be punished. Even more so if those crimes you were committing involved a hostile foreign power.

This investigation is still ongoing and still turning up disquieting details, but I want the special counsel to get to the truth and I want justice to be doled out accordingly.


For Nursing Senior, Caring is Family Affair

by Caroline Groesbeck


Snapshot, originally published Dec. 6, 2018

Sarah VanHoe went from helping others through her family’s funeral home to helping others by nursing them to health

“I think that’s where I get the whole caring for people, being therapeutic, I would help a lot on like house calls and then at the funeral home itself during visitations and funerals,” VanHoe said.

VanHoe said that her experience with her family’s funeral home and helping families through difficult times helped to inspire her to go into the nursing field. She originally thought that she was going to be a teacher, like the rest of her family. However, after a close friend passed away from cancer, she changed heroutlook.

“But it really sparked a different side of me. It like made me grow up, it made me realize that I wanted to do more with my life.”

After that experience, she began her nursing major here at Mount Mercy. She then went onto an internship in Dubuque. She worked in the emergency and ICU department.

I’ll probably start on more of a general floor to get the experience, but it made me realize that I love the critical care part of it. I love like boom, boom, boom,what are we doing next sort of thing.”

The only experience that has made VanHoe hesitate was nursing school itself.

“I mean, it’s hard. Nursing school is so hard.” VanHoe went on to say, “It almost made me want to work hard, because you know that you’re going to be able to do such an incredible thing, so it’s worth the work.”

VanHoe is a part of Nurses of Vision and Action (NOVA). NOVA is an organization that nursing students are a part of in order to tour new hospitals and explore new opportunities. Last year they went to Madison where she is now considering applying. Besides NOVA, VanHoe is also the vice-president of MMUANS, a resolution writer, a co-director of dance marathon, a percussionist in band, a tutor in the writing center, and works in facilities.

MMU Sets Increase in Tuition, Room, Board, and More Fees

by Madelyn Orton

Managing Editor

Originally Dec. 6 2018

Mount Mercy has announced higher tuition, room and board rates, as well as additional fees for the 2019-2020 school year.

The current tuition for full time tradition students is $31,595 a year. Starting in August, the tuition will be raised to $32,862. This is an increase of $1,264.

Part time traditional students will see their tuition raise $38 per credit hour.

In addition to tuition, standard Room and Board rates will raise from $9,534 to $9,915.

“I think it’s unfair for them to raise tuition without also offering more scholarship opportunities,” said junior nursing major, Mallory Allen.

The technology fee has also increased to $250 per semester for traditional full time students and $125 per semester for traditional part time students.

“The charges do not include books and supplies, non-major music lessons, lab fees, travel course fees, overload fees, student insurance plans if applicable or other fees related to special classes or activities,” said Vice President for Business and Finance,  Anne Gillespie, in a campus wide email.

The Board of Trustees has also set a student wellness fee of $150 per semester for full time and part time traditional students.

“Unlike public universities, virtually all of Mount Mercy’s revenue comes from tuition, room, and board.  We use this revenue to provide excellent academic and student life programs, said Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs, Dr. Tim Laurent.

According to Gillespie in the campus wide email, students can email Financial Services at studentfinancialservices@mtmercy.edu with questions regarding their financial situations. 

The Truth of Youthe: Advice For Giving Friend the Perfect Christmas Present

by Chuck Uthe and Matt Trueblood

Sages and Staff Writers

Originally published Dec. 6, 2018

Hello ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the Truth of Youthe, an advice column for Mount Mercy students. This edition’s submission comes to us from an anonymous contact who wants to know: “What should I get my friend for Christmas?”

Chuck –“ Giving gifts for Christmas is one of my favorite things about this time of year. I love looking and searching far and wide for the perfect gift for my special pals. Most people don’t want to spend the time looking for the perfect gift though, so they usually just end up giving that special someone a gift-card to a place/restaurant they don’t even go to anymore because they haven’t bothered to ask about the places they like to eat at. Say for instance, I buy a long-sleeve shirt for my best friend and the size of the shirt is double the size that they actually wear. Not only am I caring for them and buying them a shirt that will keep them nice and cozy during the holidays, but the long-sleeve shirt can also be used as a bath towel! Just think of the messes that they’ll be able to clean up with it!

Another way to make sure that the gift you’re getting is perfect for that special someone is get something that they already own. That way they’ll have twice the number of perfect items! Perhaps your loving partner really enjoyed the baseball snuggie that you got them last year. You should get them another one of those! That way they’ll be able to use that one since the first one you gave them hasn’t come out of the closet and seen the light of day! Sure it might be just a bit more dusty than you thought it would be, but I’m sure that they’ll appreciate the hard work you went into finding ANOTHER baseball snuggie that’s identical to the first!

Follow my advice and you’re sure to make the special pals in your life appreciative of you and the holidays!

Trueblood –“ Well, it all comes down to how well you know your friend. The best gifts are modeled after a person’s interests! For instance, if your friend is a student teacher, get them something for their classroom. Perhaps some painted mason jars for pencils, pens, and markers. Or perhaps a name plate for their desk. Pinterest is a great resource for crafty ideas like this, give it a try!

Maybe your friend is a dad, that’s cool too. Go ahead and get them some white, mid-calf tube socks and a good pair ofsandals. They’ll love it, all dads do! Just be sure to act embarrassed when they wear it, dads tend to thrive on the embarrassment of others.

Maybe your friend is an RA who used a beloved cartoon character in a class project freshman year as a joke. Getting them a DVD copy of the first season of that beloved cartoon would be a fun little way for them to remember that.

Regardless of what gift you choose, there is an element of present presenting that often goes un-actualized. It is the thin line that can mean the difference between a disappointing gift and an exciting one. I am talking about the wrapping paper! Now, you will have a wide variety to choose from. Paper can come in any design, from cartoon characters to hallmark illustrations to simple geometric patterns. You’ll want to pick astyle that is fitting for your friend –or unfitting! Sometimes an ironic wrapping paper selection is good for a laugh. Try My Little Pony: Winter Adventure paper wrapped around your friend’s Battlefield 5 game, classic comedy. If your friend is into a more traditional style, I can pass along a good wrapping paper technique. It is a 14-step, 28-hour process and you’ll end upwith a totally unique paper that you’ve made yourself; hit me up for the video link. Nothing says “I care” like a labor of love; but if you don’t have the time for it, store bought is fine.

Honestly though, the biggest part ofgetting a gift for someone you care about is having it come from you. It’s the effort you make that makes the gift good, and they will recognize that! Don’t sweat the gift selection: if you do too poorly, they’ll send you a wish list next year.

 If you have an issue, quandary, or problem about anything at all, we can help. Send your questions to us at truthofyouthe@gmail.com or @ChuckUthe onTwitter. You have questions, we have advice, let us help you! And, as always, watchout for Krampus!

Greek Gods Ask Audience to Solve Mystery

by Caroline Groesbeck


Feature, originally published Dec. 6, 2018

Diners at the theatre club’s Greek dinner had to try to solve a mystery during their supper.

Theatre club members dressed as different Greek gods for dinner as a celebration for the end of the harvest season. As Hades was about to give Persephone his gift, the lights suddenly went out.

When light was restored, Persephone’s gift was missing. The diners then had to work with the actors to determine just who had stolen the gift. The artifact was actually a necklace that would let bearer transport themselves between the worlds.

Each of the characters tried to sway the audience one way or another. Some trying to defend themselves and others trying to accuse someone else. They then dispersed amongthe tables to see what the audience members thought.

The other characters were Hermes, Artemis, Apollo, Pan, Hephaestus, and Demeter. The diners really seemed to enjoy conversing with the actors and trying to figure out who stole the artifact. The actors relied on their knowledge of Greek myths to sway the audience towards who the character would have thought did it. For example, Hermes tried to pin the crime on Hades using the story of how Persephone became Hades’ wife.

In the end, Persephone committed the crime. She just wanted to stir up a little drama at the dinner between her family members but didn’t think it would cause as much trouble as it did.

Lindstrom Dominates Cross-Country Nationals

by Mahlon Steepleton

Sports Editor

Sports, originally published Dec. 6, 2018

For Mount Mercy University, hosting the NAIA Cross-Country Nationals meet for Mount Mercy was historic, but that wasn’t all that was historic about the day. Senior runner James Lindstrom (Apple Valley, Calif.) finished sixth overall out of a field of 330 runners, in the men’s 8k race.

 The race was held on Nov. 16 on a cold, windy Friday at Seminole Valley Park.

Lindstrom became the Mustangs’  first cross-country All-American and finished with an incredible time of 24:39. He broke the school record mark by a minute and fifteen seconds. That record was set by Lindstrom’s former teammate and friend Evan Bowman in 2015, at the NAIA Seminole Valley Stampede. Lindstrom also broke his former personal record by over a minute and 30 seconds.

“It was a surreal experience having my dad be there and watch me succeed, and it was an emotional day for me,” Lindstrom said. “I  loved that all my friends and coaches were cheering me on and the energy from the crowd helped me get through a tough race.”

Colin De Young of Cornerstone (Mich.) set a new course record (24.12), while going on to win the individual title, in the men’s 8k race. The Mount Mercy men’s team posted its highest finish at a national championship, placing 26th out of 36 teams, with 593 points. Oklahoma City claimed their fourth overall team championship with 116 points. Indiana Wesleyan was the runner-up with a total of 143 points, followed by St. Francis (Ill.) with 162 points.

Helping the Mustangs to a fantastic finish were Lindstrom, Colton Forster (57th/25:31), Aaron Golding (149th/26:25), Michael Marshall (172nd/26:39), Cameron Steffens (209th/27:14), Sayed Opeyany (226th/27:54), and rounding out the top 7 was Jacob Blackmon with a place/time of (230th/28:24).

On the MMU women’s side, Vanessa Cortes and Alexa Zamora were top-100 finishers in the women’s 5k race. Cortes finished with a time of 18:31, which was good for a 62nd place finish out of 341 competitors, and a personal record as well. Zamora finished in 87th place with a time of 18:49.

She was followed by McKenna Johnson (144th/19:26), Andrea Ertz (147th/19:29), Emily Erickson (157th/19:39), Kelsi Huhndorf  (199th/20:18), and rounding out the top 7 was Samantha Croghan with a place/time of (217th/20:39).

Anne Shields of Point Park  (Pa.) won the individual title, with a time of 17:16. Only 9 total points separated the top three team finishers. Oregon Tech earned its first ever national championship in the school’s history with a total of 125 points. Madonna (Mich.) was the runner-up with (132), followed by third place finisher Taylor (Ind.) with a total of 134 points.

Lindstrom just wanted to go out and have a successful race.

“I treated it like was any other race, and tried not to overthink it,” Lindstrom said.

Assistant Coach Tad Hulst said he was proud and happy that Lindstrom had his best cross-country race as a Mustang. “It was a blast to watch James race with confidence and really show what he’s made of, not just to his team, but to the nation, Hulst said. “James has put in the work and it was awesome to see it all come together at the right time, in front of the home crowd. You couldn’t have scripted it any better.”

Hulst was excited to host the national meet.

“The atmosphere was so much fun,” Hulst said. “We had a large Mount Mercy contingent out there cheering, have some of our team out tailgating in the morning before the meet and painted upin the cold was awesome. It was very loud, and intense party. The way cross-country nationals is supposed to be.”

He was also impressed of how the men’s and women’s teams ran.

“The team took advantage of being athome and made it a historical day,” Hulst said. “The women tied the best finishin team history, and the men had their best finish in team history. Plus, it was an added and wonderful bonus that we had the program’s first cross-country All-American. It was the perfect day and it was a day to use to continue to build for more. We won’t rest on it, but use it to continue to press forward as a program.”

For Linstrom, it was a sweet way to finish his college cross-country career.

“It was a great way to end my cross-countrycareer, since it was my last race,” he said. “I couldn’t have done any of this without my coaches and teammates. I am really excited to see what we all can doon the track together.”

Mount Mercy again will host at the Seminole Valley Park course again for the 2020 NAIA Cross Country National Championships.

Mystery Novel That Stars President Obama Provides Antidote to Election Weekend Funk

by Jada Veasey

Staff Writer

Review, originally published Dec. 6 2018

The recent midterm election stressed me out. A lot. Maybe it’s because my roommate worked for a political organization, maybe it’s because I’d gone out and canvassed for a few different local candidates, or maybe it’s because I hang out with too many Political Science majors. But whatever the reason, the weekend before the election, I found myself in a slump, one that I was desperate to get out of. So, like any rational college girl, I took a trip to Target.

My Target run provided me with an unorthodox solution to my problem: a mystery novel.

Ofcourse, it’s not some run of the mill Nancy Drew story, oh no. I bought a book called Hope Never Dies, a murder mystery starring none other than former President Barack Obama and his right-hand man former Vice President Joe Biden. I spent a whole twelve dollars on this thing! The story revolves around the friendship of the two politicians as they embark on an epic quest to find out who killed Biden’s favorite Amtrak conductor.

The novel is by Andrew Shaffer, an established novelist who dabbles in parody and satire. He interjects his goofy, buddy-comedy mystery story with frequent passages of great writing, but his strength is in his comedic timing.

Joe Biden is portrayed as a somewhat oblivious grandpa type, while Barack Obama is shown to be cool and collected, like some sort of secret agent. One of my favorite parts of the book sums up their fictionalized personalities pretty well: “I offered a handshake. Barack turned it into a fist bump. It was a greeting I’d never been able to master, but I gave it my best shot.” The book is worth reading if only to read about the awkward but entertaining bromance that exists between Obama and Biden.

The delightfully funny book effectively cured my election cycle slump, and forthat, I am thankful. Sure, Hope Never Dies won’t exactly restore your faith in humanity, but it will surely put a smile on your face, and it will let you forget about the political dumpster fire that is modern day America, if only for a few minutes.

Overall, I’d rate the book a solid 4.4 out of 5 stars. Partially because it is genuinely an enjoyable read, but also because I feel that our 44th Presidentwould appreciate my clever rating for a story that stars him.

 Thanks, Obama. And, you’re welcome.