New Nursing Professor Has Roots at MMU

By Madelyn Orton

Managing Editor

Originally published Oct. 11, 2018

One of Mount Mercy’s new faculty members came back to her deep roots on the Hill.

Becky Keiper will be working within the RN to BSN online program. After graduating from MMU in 1994, Keiper has worked in various departments at Saint Luke’s Hospital and has been in the operating room for the past 15 years.

“It’s a whole different appreciation for Mount Mercy as an institution,”said Keiper.

Keiper’s mother is also a graduate of Mount Mercy.

“Mom was obviously my inspiration for seeking a career in service and for my committing to MMU,” said Keiper.

After receiving her master’s degree, she joined Mount Mercy as an adjunct professor in 2016. She accepted a full time position this past summer.

“I have a better understanding of the group effort there is in education,” said Keiper.

Keiper is a part of the Nursing Faculty Development Committee and the RN to BSN Faculty Committee.

“Having the life experiences, I think I appreciate more, especially more as a faculty member, what is committed to educating people,” said Keiper.


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