Coach Hadzic Reflects on 200 Wins

By Mahlon Steepleton

Sports Editor

Originally published Step. 27, 2018

On Labor Day, Sept. 3, men’s soccer coach Amir Hadzic got his 200th career win as a coach.

For Hadzic, coaching soccer at Mount Mercy University and Xavier High School has been a privilege, an honor and a wonderful experience for the last 20 years. Hadzic is in his 24th season as a coach here at MMU.

The Mustangs beat Iowa Wesleyan 2-0 at the Robert W. Plaster Athletic Complex. It was a very special win for Hadzic.

“It was a surreal experience, 200 wins means that you stayed at the job you love and cherish for a long time,” said Hadzic. “I also thought of all those student athletes I had the privilege to coach over the last 20-plus years–each one of those wins is theirs as well.”

Every year Hadzic has a goal for the team. That goal is to compete at a high level and compete for the NAIA National Championship.

“We play in the toughest soccer conference in NAIA and it will be challenging. However, we have a well-balanced and experienced team and I think we can go far this year,” Hadzic said.

He says coaching high school and coaching college has it’s differences and challenges, but both bring different aspects of coaching to surface.

“In high school, you work with kids who are already attending the school and you try to be a positive role model and create positive habits and an atmosphere for the kids to succeed,” Hadzic said.

“In college, you recruit your own team so you are directly responsible for student athletes who are a part of your team. It’s challenging to have players from all over the world in our team as they bring their different experiences with them,” Hadzic said.

Hadzic enjoys all the athletes he’s coached. “However, when all those experiences align in one direction, it’s the most magical thing! We are one team, one world,” Hadzic said.


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